Lab Director
Nick Schweitzer
Associate Professor, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Director, Program on Law and Behavioral Science
Arizona State University

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Office: FAB S117
Telephone: 602.543.8133

Graduate Students

Marisa Cruz
M.S. Program, Psychology
Shelby Hunter
Lab Manager | M.S. Program, Psychology
Andrew Pollack
M.S. Program, Psychology
Kathryn Doughty
M.S. Program, Psychology
Ashley Trow
M.S. Program, Psychology
David Lovis-McMahon
Lab Member Emeritus, J.D./Ph.D. Program, Law and Psychology
Denise A. Baker
Lab Member Emeritus, Ph.D. Program in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology
Assistant Professor, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Lab Group - Fall 2015

David Lovis-McMahon presenting at the 2013 AP-LS Conference

Weekly lab meeting